OASIS to be New Zealand’s first Teal school

OASIS School in Orewa New Zealand will be the first school to use Teal and Agile management techniques.

Focusing on providing regular cadence and communication across the organisation, the school hopes to keep a rhythm of constant improvement, that can address the needs of the special needs children attending the school.

As the first Teal school in New Zealand, Orewa Autism Spectrum Institute of Studies is was founded to educate those students with Autism AND those studying Autism Spectrum Disorders.

The school will provide Autism focused pedagogy and curriculum leveraging the latest best practice techniques from around the globe. Students will also have the first opportunity to live as term time boarders at the schools boarding room nearby.

School management philosophy and structure

The school will be managed using TEAL and Agile management practices. Classrooms will run as scrum teams, with Facilitators as scrum masters. Team members will also belong to guilds that meet weekly to spread knowledge and cross pollinate learnings from each classroom. Guild themes include:

  • physiotherapy
  • occupational Therapy
  • speech and Language
  • Music
  • Physical Education


The head of school (titled for external reference) will run a morning scrum of scrums combining the admin, accommodation and teaching teams.

Staffing will comprise a small core administration unit, staff trainers, core teachers and the head of school. Teachers aides and specialist staff (OT, SLT, Physiotherapist etc) will be university undergraduates – teamed with a specialist staff trainer through their guilds.

Each team member is open to raise tensions and propose solutions using Loomio.

There is no hierarchy but the school is bound by its obligations to provide the highest care and education possible to our students.

Accommodation and facilities

The boarding room will run at 80% capacity providing respite care with the remaining capacity for families in need.

Facilities will include sensory rooms, sensory circuits for morning alertness, an indoor heated pool. Trampoline, swings, slides and playground – covered for rainy days.

A partnership with RDA in Silverdale will provide equine therapy and extra curricular activities will be sought within the local Hibiscus Coast/Orewa community such as surfing, bike riding and helping out with beach cleaning and replanting regional parks.

Sponsorship opportunities

We are open to sponsorship of all school facilities including but not limited to:

the design and construction of the residential facilities
the swimming pool and sports equipment
the arts and crafts facilities for the vocational area.
maintenance of the facilities
A university partnership for the school and curriculum for internship program

The project will be built with agile or incremental expansion at its core. The dormitories aimed to be expandable, bedroom by bedroom using modular prefabricated construction.

Much as the schools structure can expand by creating a new team of interns and leveraging scrum structure.

Vocational studies, work and autonomy

Vocational studies will seek to support the local community with skills like basic carpentry, painting, arts, weaving, basket making, blind making, candle making and the likes.
Students will be transitioned to their vocational skill and then into self help and ultimately into autonomous life, either within the schools dedicated dormitory nearby or in a satellite shared house.


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